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How's it going today?

I thought I could make the MyWorldPlus system REALLY easy to understand:

When you become a member, you get your own personalize discount membership card so that you can save hundreds of dollars every month on shopping, dining, travel, vacations, recreation, and so much more!

In fact you could go to McDonalds right now and get a buy one get one free BigMac. Those kinds of deals are available ONLY to members of MyWorldPLUS....and ONLY for $19.95 per month!

In fact, the longer you want to get started, the more savings you are losing out on every month! Many of our members get involved just for the savings because it only makes sense to save $100 and only have to spend $19.95 to do it. It's a no brainer!

You get ALL of this just by becoming a member...There's not a more simple or powerful product or opportunity in the world!

You can join at:

Please call me anytime if you have ANY questions or need help getting started.

To your success,

Mary Rose Revilleza

Remember: Make sure you upgrade your position before this THURSDAY to MAXIMIZE your timing and positioning. In fact, you may already have a check coming to you from the compensation plan just by becomming a member!

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  1. Anonymous says

    Hi Mary Rose,
    Thanks for your email offer to join MWP today...
    I checked the number businesses listed in Toronto Ontario...only a couple the $20 a month fee would never make sense for me here in Toronto. I don't spend that much in a month on those products anyway.
    Also, I know most Canadians will do their due-diligence before starting any my new enrollment commissions will not be as you stated this this is not a good or viable business model in Toronto, not for the time being anyway.
    Peter B
    Toronto, Canada