Appreciation for the Disabled: Ramon’s Basketball Game and Badly Busted Knee

Ramon Ray badly busted his knee in a basketball game. This post is his reflections and lessons learned.

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However, at times, LIFE happens.

Things happen in all of our lives – that give us pause and time to reflect and think.

For some it's BIG things like Hurricane Sandy, Boston Bombings, Sandyhook or other major incidents. For others it's "small things" – things that don't make it to the news media but that are important to much smaller segments of our individual lives.

This is what this short post is all about.

Ramon's busted knee

Ouch – Ramon's busted knee

On Friday, I was playing some basketball with my son and his friends. Well towards the end of one of our games, I busted my knee. My knee cap came out of joint, I crumpled to the floor screaming – and the rest is history. My knee swelled. My knee (and entire body) was in intense pain. And I have to "rest" for days and days in bed.

I've only been in bed for about 24 hours or so, and this 24 hours has given me a renewed appreciation for the disabled.

Sitting in bed, with my back aching a bit from just sitting in bed for so long, needing help to move to the bathroom and relying on others for my food – I thought (and continue to think) about the many folks in our country and around the world who live a life similar to mine or worse – every single day.

I think about the elderly folks in a local Brooklyn nursing home that my wife and I used to visit on a frequent basis.

I imagine the middle aged woman who can't scratch that itch in her leg. I imagine the little boy who will never see his parents. I imagine the strong former athlete who will never run to catch a ball. I could go on.

You can imagine with me. But we really don't have to imagine – those with disabilities are all around us – they are our family. For some reading this – it is you.

Ironically, I was reading the National Speaker's Association Speaker Magazine about W Mitchell, who in a motorcycle accident had 60% of his body burned, including his fingers being burned off and in a airplane accident (in a second accident) became paralyzed from the waste down.

What's my point? Well I have two points.

First – I'm eternally grateful that I have all my limbs and mental faculties in tact and working just fine.

Two – I have so much more compassion for those who, in my eyes, are not as "fortunate" as me.  I have new respect for the disabled.

I'm also very thankful for my awesome family whose around to help me.

I could go on, but my "little boboo" has given me time to reflect, be grateful and be appreciative.

What about you?

Ramon Ray 22 Jul, 2013

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