The Bottom Up Economy

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Homebrew is a new seed-stage VC fund focused on investing in what they call the bottom up economy. They define this as "the idea that technology is now helping individuals and small businesses drive economic growth and innovation." 

Key quote from their blog post explaining their investment thesis:

For many decades, the cost, complexity and rigidity of technology limited its power and benefits to large corporations - a Top Down Economy. Today, we're in the midst of a transformation where technology is increasingly accessible enough, cheap enough and flexible enough to empower individuals and small teams. Teams of 5, 50 or 500 can compete with organizations tens or hundreds of times their size or create entirely new markets with innovative products and services. 

They go on to explain the drivers of the bottom up economy are technology and the shift to the business of one, meaning solopreneurs.  They have a nice description of the business of one:

The path back to personal economic stability?  It's no longer a career in middle-management and a pension.  We'd argue it's entrepreneurial activity.  Being able to enter the marketplace not as part of a large corporation but as an individual, team or emerging enterprise.  Building small businesses or offering talent, time, creations or assets directly to customers with little friction.  Not a single wage, but many wages.  Supplementing or creating entirely new income streams.  

We've long followed and forecasted the growing role solopreneurs and micro-businesses (those with less than 5 employees) are playing in the economy.

Homebrew is yet another example of the growing recognition by a broad range of organizations that self-employment and independent work has not only entered the mainstream, but is a key driver of economic success in today's world.

Steve 23 Jul, 2013

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