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The Internet is today's marketplace and blogging advertising is the way word of mouth advertising is spread. It's spreading like wildfire and it is affordable and easy to accomplish. Whether you are a huge corporation or a small home shop you can compete on equal terms all around the world for customers by using blog advertising.

People readers enjoy hearing the opinions of on everything from what they did that morning to the new gadget or product they've tried. Instead of gimmicky catch phrases and flashy symbols they get to read relaxed posts that are written by people.

When you create an opportunity, you can specify multiple anchor texts, multiple URLs (very effective when you want to have links to your inside pages as well). This way, you website gets unique and permanent backlinks. This is GOLD for search engine rankings.

When you advertise on blogs you reach thousands of people with each post for a very small amount of money. What used to be the sole providence of big businesses and multi-media corporations is now yours - the ability to span the globe with world-wide marketing. The Internet made it possible and makes it easy and affordable.

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