Bike Storage Sheds

One of the most pressing issues for any house is security, and in order to ensure that all of the house assets are properly protected, example: Bike, it is often necessary to add additional storage space outside the main building. Asgard Secure Steel Storage offer bike storage sheds that can be supplied ready for use, and offer high quality protection for a variety of different purposes. Thanks to many years of experience in providing the largest range of storage and handling solutions available, they understand the needs of a house in terms of storage, and are able to provide the kind of equipment that you need at a price that suits your commercial goals.

This enables you to get the exact solution that you need so that you can get the additional space that your house demands without having to compromise on the quality of security that you get because you can't get the kind of building that you really need.

The basic framework of the range of bike shed & shelters offered by Asgard is identical.

Bike Storage Sheds, Bike Shed

Asgard have created and supply bike storage sheds in a variety of dimensions which will keep your bike protected from both the weather and thieves. These bike storage units are secure, bolted down into concrete from inside the shed, yet easy to assemble and are able to fit up to 3 adult bikes whilst also taking up the minimum of space due to their clever design.

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